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Spear Feedback (wvw)

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As mentioned in other posts already spear seems to have some sort of identity crisis. 

Issues Ive noticed so far:

Autohits are a little slow, tho you'll barely ever use them anyways.

Perforates tracking is WAY too slow - this is obviously a skill issue but it still feels off regardless.

Addles range is way too low - only way to hit this somewhat reliably is to precast it right before porting.

The most daring issue of spear: If you misst spear 4 at range, the entire kit becomes completely useless.

 Spear 5 needs more range.

In general, the hardest part is catching people with it. It feels like the entire kit is just: hit spear 4, precast 3 or 5 into port and spam dps skills. 

The whole siphon stuff seems alright atm. 


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