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Thief spear condi problem/Thief rant


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after messing around with the thief spear for a bit i noticed that the game instantly gives you a daredevil condi build which is nice i suppose but also the issue comes down to lotus training. the duration of it is 4 seconds but with spear assuming that you want to get the most out of it requires you to have lotus training and distracting throw up basically 100% of the time to get the MOST. seems to be really tricky and require perfect rotation the entire time with no slip ups. i know it can be put at a "git gud" moment but at the same time its lowkey asking people to play at benchmark levels to get the best use out of it and the skills to get the finisher off takes too long to finally get off while trying to maintain lotus training. what would possibly make it better is to have spear get an interaction with lotus training trait to VERY SLIGHTLY increase the duration of lotus training to help less capable players keep that uptime. yes i know that the people that will master the weapon and keeping the uptimes will be on easy mode for it but it kinda seems a bit scuffed to have that kind of requirement unless its not mean to have 100% uptime at all times and only during certain skills to pop your dodge for lotus training at the end of your rotation loop not including adding utility skills in the mix. overall the init cost isn't bad its honestly very workable and surprising how low it is considering short bow 5 costs 6 init cost (which if you use it for a lot of mobility you are forced to take trickery and basically not very viable to use on specter in general with its reduced init charges which im worried about how spear will be if you attempt to use it on specter ill try that soon). yes i also know that quickness is a thing and could help a lot but also in most if not all group content you will have the ability to have someone in your party to give perma quick but for solo situations its basically non existent unless you run concentration gear and even then it wont be 100% uptime with haste and having celerity sigil, lesser haste from burst of agility being 60 second cooldown kinda makes it even worse due to the length you have to wait for it to proc just for some extra quickness at 60 second intervals but since the weapon is condi lesser caltrops is just the best potion to push out more dps.


while writing this im testing as i go but it seems you can delay the distracting throw after a finisher (for a short duration)  but even then its a bit rough trying to keep up everything as you go. the 10 seconds is perfectly fine for the buff to kick in and stay but the lotus training seems to be a bit lacking in duration to upkeep the buffs. im mainly thinking for pve im sure if the changes were made to pvp and wvw it would be busted but at least for pve the duration values could use some tweaking. the block is nice it would be cool to see a thief tank since we get a block from daredevil and also a block on the weapon if needed for mechanics (though on the weapon at MOST you get 3 blocks for pvp and wvw i feel it should differ from pve seeing how much spam most classes get especially with the present constant problem of perma stealth pistol/pistol or pistol/dagger thieves but that topic is for another possible post) as said tho overall nice weapon design but needs a bit more work.


ALSO ANET PLS RETHINK THE SMALL "buff" THAT YOU ARE GIVING SWORD FOR THIEF IN PVE IT NEEDS TO BE HIGHER SO IT CAN ACTUALLY BE OF USE. maybe even a third off hand? maybe dual sword or even dare i say.... GREATSWORD THIEF ;D thief is like the only class i actually care about the most. love u guys but seriously pls, good job on the weapons but as said above... yeah

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