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[EU] [PVE] Falling Flowers [FF] - Chill Gamers Gaming

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We're small group of people that enjoy doing content together, now open up to expanding our numbers, but not too much

We're occasionally do some PVE activities such as high tier fractals, Raids, and Strikes.

Play for fun, even if we wiped thru the end game content, we laughed at it together and shrug it off as a learning experience.

Growing together, we help each other to be a better player.

Most of the current members are EU players from GMT+7 time zone, if you're around the same time zone, this can be the perfect place for you. But we're open to every player that are interested!

Contact us on Discord: bousz or lexiell or chris_sp, IGN: Bousz.2764, Lexiell.2987, or Laska.3078

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