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Selectable Weapon Skills for Warriors

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Warriors are supposed to be the weapon masters in Tyria. As time's gone by they've been left in the dust. An issue, I feel, is that warrior is restricted by it's one trick pony burst skill (sad cries of terrible spear beta burst skills) and lots of the core weapon skills are just outdated. More and more professions are not "more proficient" with weapons than warrior (e.g., Reaper completely rolls warrior with their greatsword finesse). I'd like to make a suggestion to give warrior something that makes it an actual master at arms.

Design an additional skill for every weapon skill for warrior (ele get's 4 of them after all). Every skill doesn't even have to have a new animation, just a new effect (although some new animations would be nice). Warrior players can than choose which skill to activate on their weapon bar by right clicking and selecting their desired skill. This mechanic is already in game when rangers can now choose to have "unleashed" hammer skills or the normal skills on their weapon bar. Don't like 100 Blades? Just right click it and swap it out with Skill B, etc. (Honestly, 100 Blades skill needs a rework though). This also makes things extra spicy in PvP and WvW because a player can never really be sure what skill the warrior is going to use on the weapon they're carrying. This allows for greater customizability (want a better heal support weapon, Skill B on mace will have your back) as well as hopefully a very badly needed weapon skill rework on weapons.

Lots of work for the devs, but the recent spear beta has really shown that the devs need to give warrior a bit of love. 

What do the warriors think?

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I'd love to be able to block/parry with a greatsword instead of throwing it like a boomerang! I guess theres a few other weapon skills I wish I hadthe option to replace with something else like sword f1 and 3. We can dream I guess.

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