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Post your Spear builds

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Just somewhere to centralize ideas.

I'm sure a lot are out there theory crafting builds around the spear. Let's have a central spot to post them along with rotations and observations if you have them. 

I don't have one to kick off, but I'd be glad to hear what people are coming up with and is working for them. Which elite spec is showing the best promise, etc.

Be sure to include the mode the build is for too!

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Catalyst is probably the best to use with the spear. Weaver is a complete kitten show and tempest makes it too slow and forces it in to melee range.

It doesn't really create any new ideas or synergy with any existing traits, relics etc.

Thus, I present to you your new all-purpose PvE spear build!


It's exactly the same as your tried and tested power-sword build. Just replace the sword with a spear.


Fire: 5-3-4-2

Air: 5-3-4-2

And fill any gaps with autos.

Feel free to also add earth and water to your rotation if you want to deal less damage and do a little bit of healing in water. 

Water: 5-3-4-2

Earth: 5-3-4-2

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Was trying out power alac tempest and ended up on:

Air 3-3-1

Arcane 1-1-3

Tempest 3-1-2

I'm not sure if it's the best performance wise, but arcane made the rotation feel better to me. Rotation was basically

Fire > 5,2,4,3,5,2> overload > air > 5,2,4,3,5,2 > overload > fire with a couple autos/utilities thrown in as needed.

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