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New Etching Mechanic suitable for Attunement Swap.

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Hello everyone!

I have commended this new mechanic in the Spear Feedback for Ele but I have to create topic so i can collect people thoughts about it and hope the DEVS consider it.

The etching mechanic does not work well with how Elementalist had to move from one attunement to another and it feels very weird especially with Weaver.

Give etching more depth and made it work with attunement much smoother, for example.

Like one circle for all attunement and keep it active as long as you are above it.
Using 3 skills from the attunement ( auto attacks counts ) will stack one part of the circle and you can unleash it whenever you want to deal damage depend on the current active attunement.
You gain boons and applying debuff from the on-going active attunement by using skills on top the circle. ( Enemies have to be on top of the circle to get the debuff which put Ele on High Risk, High Reward play style )
Swapping attunement won't remove the etching but you will start over the stacking because of the new attunement but the old stacking will stay as long as you did not unleash the etching.

Either made the etching 10 - 15 seconds but smaller Or  I recommend to make the etching only 7 seconds and you can increase the duration from using skills inside the circle.
which pushing the player being more aggressive with glass cannon weapon.

Reduce the cooldown of etching depend on the above, if we have 10 - 15 seconds then keep it 20 seconds if it is going to be 7 seconds and increase with each casting skills then make it 30 seconds to be more punishing for players missing up the mini-game.

it goes likes this:
-You spawn the etching for an increased duration (like 15s or something)
-Over the duration, the etching charges with each ability used within the etching
-Swapping attunements will only change the buffs you receive and the debuffs applied on enemies on top the circle and the finishing attack at full charge 

What do you guys think about etching mechanic and how to fix it and make it more smooth with attunements? 

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