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Warrior spear - what it should have been


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Good day,

I would like to share with You what in my opinion spear should have been instead of ranged weapon that favours melee range.

I think the design as it currently is, is a miss and it needs a ground up rework.

1. First of all, spear is a stabbing weapon and most of the classes either throws it or swing it like it was a sword attached to a stick. As far as I remember, only Necro and Thief have skills that stab opponents with it.

2. Second thing is what warrior currently lacks and I think we need Pulls and 2 handed condition melee weapon.

3. Other classes received mechanics attached to spear weapon and warrior seems to be left out (ranged weapon that works best in melee is not exactly what I call a mechanic).

With above in mind, please let me share my idea on what warrior should be doing with the spear (please keep in mind it's not full, detailed description).

  • #Auto attack - applies bleeding with every hit (or every 3rd hit in a chain should do so)
  • #2 - Fast stabbing that deals quick damage applying bleeding with every hit (think of necromancer spear #2 or warrior's underwater spear attack)
  • #3 - Throw Your spear in a straight line, if the spear pierces the target, it applies cripple and bleeding. Recast pulls the pierced target to Your location.
  • #4 - You rush to Your target and apply immobilize when connecting the hit (gap closers are welcomed since other classes can teleport left and right)
  • #5 Block incomming attacks, if melee attack is blocked, it allows to recast. If recast hits the target it consumes all bleeding stacks on the target and deals instant damage that would be done by bleeding over time.
  • F1 - Jumps into the location, hitting ground with Your spear. Warrior does it with such might, enemies in a radious are pulled towards the center.

Above, in my opinion fixes following issues:

  • Filling 2 handed melee condition weapon spot.
  • Fits the idea of spear fantasy for warrior.
  • Gives us weapon mechanic that we did not receive while other classes did . We would need to keep the track of bleed stacks on the target to maximalize the damage and use skill 5 in the right moment making it somehow skill oriented weapon.
  • Allows for synergy with existing traits and elite specs.

Please, share Your thoughts in the comments.

See You on the battle field, brothers!


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FWIW, the design is more or less going to be set. We aren't going to get a drastic rework. The best that will happen is for them to remove the melee bonuses and make it function the same at all ranges, making the AoEs larger so they hit moving targets, speeding up some of the projectile velocities, and adding in some boons. Stretch goals would be adding in a different mechanic, like ways to recharge Spearmashal's Support.

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