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Hitbox Issue with Guardian Spear "Daybreaking Slash" Attack Skill in Janthir Wilds Beta

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I have encountered a significant issue with the new Guardian spear weapon set during the Janthir Wilds beta event. The problem is with the "Daybreaking Slash" attack skill's hitbox radius, which is notably small and causes the attack to miss targets in situations where it should clearly hit based on the animation.

  • When not targeting an enemy: The "Daybreaking Slash" attack skill consistently misses the target, even when the animation indicates it should hit.
  • When targeting an enemy: The attack lands more often but still misses frequently despite the animation suggesting a successful hit.
  • Comparison with other weapons: Using a sword from the same position and angle consistently hits the target, highlighting the discrepancy with the spear's hitbox.

I have recorded a one-minute video demonstrating this issue. The video includes:

  1. The spear's "Daybreaking Slash" attack skill missing the target dummy in Heart of the Mists without targeting the enemy.
  2. The spear's "Daybreaking Slash" attack skill missing frequently even when targeting the enemy.
  3. A comparison where sword attacks land successfully in the same circumstances where the spear misses.

Please address this issue to ensure the Guardian spear weapon functions correctly and meets gameplay expectations in the new expansion.

Video Evidence:

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