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Beta characters - missing/frozen character animations w/spear

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It's possible that this is a known thing and is an expected part of "beta"/etc, but just in case it's worth logging - there seems to be an issue where character animations will freeze or seem missing with a spear unsheathed - on beta characters only.

My first thought was that this was just some missing animation hooks when using the spear on land, because I'd notice my character didn't properly animate when launched/knocked back using the spear on land.  However, this issue also seems to extend to using spears underwater - weapons which did not have any player-facing functionality changes. 

On both my beta revenant and ranger, if I equip a spear underwater and unsheath it and simply swim in a direction, my character will freeze indefinitely after a second until I trigger another animation.  I play a male sylvari, my wife encounters the same issues on her female sylvari.


  • Certain beta character animations appear missing/frozen when a spear is unsheathed on land
    • Launch/knock back/etc
  • Certain beta character animations can freeze when underwater with a spear unsheathed

We do not encounter the issues with spears underwater on non-beta characters.

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