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Spears yeah thats the ticket!

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Spears are horrible in just about every imagineable concept and I won't bore you with the analysis its already been given.

Whats truly amazing is Anet selling spears, failed matchup system as an expansion just FRIKIN lol, noce cash grab on their part.

Truly done with this company that went from awesoem anto cheat enforcement years ago to the complete hack fest in the only game mode worth logging into.

GW3 is a failure before it even gets started if they run the same crap with the same people running things, but hey its actually what the remaining playerbase wants, no cheating restrictions, and pay for more utter nonsense like spears lol.

Like the game needed more fail weapons.

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13 hours ago, Chiral.8915 said:

Well, it's a beta, and maybe they'll use the feedback to improve the weapons........but they're ANET so yeah....

Yea, maybe they'll use the feedback, like they did for engineer shortbow.  But it's Anet so they might not.

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So far there is no reason for WvW players to buy the new expansion. I fear that the Anet is planning to use the changes in warclawn as a selling point
 for wvw players... I'm afraid of what warclawn 2.0 will be like

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Maybe they should put the player housing in wvw too, with a limited amount of one of a kind items stored in each wvw objectives to begin with, that you can go around and steal and store in your home on the borderland, and then you have to set up security measures to protect your home, or someone can come and steal your furniture like your fuzzy bear rug from garrison and fuzzy bunny slippers from hills, and quaggan clock from bay as their own. Kinda like having multiple orbs that do nothing, you just pass it around for kittens and giggles.At the end of the week, whomever has the most items in their home wins an unidentified green bag!

Look, look,  defending will become worthwhile again!

Or just tweak warclaw again so it does even more pitiful damage cause people couldn't handle being mount stomped and call it a day, cause everyone just happy to blob for bags anyways. 🤷‍♂️

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