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A matter for fashionwars: Spear skins?

A matter for fashionwars: Spear skins?  

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  1. 1. Now that spears are now going to be amphibious. Opinion on Anet to update already existing Black Lion weapon skin collections?

    • Yes, gimme please!
    • Cool if they do or don't!
    • Won't happen it's to much work!

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I'am wondering whats everyones thoughts and opinions on Anet to updateing the already existing Black Lion weapon skin collections. I myself I like to have matching weapons in both land, aquatic and between my builds. Please share your thoughts or cast your vote on the poll.

Apologies if this post is cursed I don't do this often.

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I wouldn't mind a new collection made entirely of spears using the art assets that they probably still have. Some of the weapon styles are rather basic and consistent. They could probably take the 3D mesh of the sword models, shorten the blade, and then lengthen the grip of the most basic collections. There are a few collections that have spear models for their staves, too.

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