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Revenant spear is too slow

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My concerns with rev are sadly true with the new spears though i want to start off that the overall animation and art for it looks amazing and I think they nailed it BUT the cast times are really slow and st the same time i also feel like im hardly doing any damage. I could list several other things that are wrong with it but im not the only one who has spoken about this topic so I'll avoid being repetitive especially since other players have already given good advice on how make it better.   

But to say the least I hope arenanet changes rev around before the expac comes around. This is especially sad considering it feels like they gave all their favoritism to elementalist rather than making some of the other classes feel extremely special  with a spear as well. Im not complaining about ele though as it feels fun BUT I would really appreciate it if they could give some of the other professions some more love as well with their spears.

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