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I just noticed Anet added "complexity" indicators at character creation

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3 hours ago, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:

Complexity is not difficulty.

You can have a ton of buttons and a really simple loop, or a couple of buttons and a ton of adaptations/combat situations you need to filter them through.


Fun fact they used to be called difficulty 💀

There are exceptions to the rule, but it is far more likely fewer buttons will have a more simple loop, although the effectiveness of that loop is another thing. The very nature of complexity dictates an intrinsic, linear increase in difficulty, which again, is seperate from effectiveness. Simple loops can be effective, or not, and complex loops can be effective, or not. You then have consistancy (playing the loop correct), which is linearly dictated to decrease with complexity, or in reverse, increase with simplicity, that is how humans work for any given task, in mind and body. For machines, the linear connection with complexity/consistancy does not matter, thats why many things are now automated, to remove human error (fatigue etc are also reasons ofc).

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That's always about skill floors in most games. It is obvious. Relevant to 99% of the players who just want to play for fun.
The game getting "easier" after mastering something with a high ceiling is a quite different thing.

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