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Question about wizards vault.

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Wizards vault was created to take the place of daily log in, it was also thematically tied to SOTO. Will there be a different theme for it in JW? will there even be a vault tied to JW or will it have something else and WV be gone?

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I was under the impression that the astral ward were going to be a big part of the future expansions, similar to how the pact and other such groups were supposed to be integral in the stories for the elder dragon saga.

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The Wizard's Vault is just called that, because the feature was released with SotO. It does not mean it is tied to SotO, it is a general feature independent of expansion themes. Therefore, it will stay as the new Daily/Weekly/Special Reward Feature, regardless of any future content releases.

The only thing that is expansion-related are some of the rewards offered in the WV, which are indeed tied to certain content. If you don't have that content unlocked on your account, you will not be able to access those specific rewards.

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