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can't get path of fire to play?

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Just purchased the "elder dragons saga" can't get any of them to play? They show up in my account but seem to be locked in game?

 Please help. IM old and not very computer savvy. so plain speek would be appreciated , thanks.

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Log out of game completely - log back in.  Open Hero Panel (H) and navigate to Story Journal.  Click on first Chapter of whichever expansion story you wish to play.  Follow instructions in upper-right corner of screen.

If you continue to have issue, contact the CS Team for ArenaNet or Steam depending on which client you have.

Remember, if you have an ArenaNet client, you can't use a Steam expansion and vice-versa.  Also, if you purchased outside the game, you need to apply the Serial Key. (But it sounds like you have no need of that.)

Good luck. 

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