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Bought 200 gems and did not received them (Gold to gems exchange)

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The issue happened the 29 June 2024 (2024-06-29), and to detail it, I need first to introduce what happened during my evening. Remember for following that 100 gems is around 42 gold coins.

First, I was starting to play again since a long time, and I had on myself around 140 gold coins,  which I immediately converted in this transaction: 128 G 06 S 47 C- 300 Gems on 17:39 GMT

Secondly, After this first transaction, I did dailies and weekly for wizard vault. So I completed the achievement and got ton of Wizard Vault Points, along the famous 10 laurels offered for completing the weekly. I only used the 10 laurels to complete from the 12g remaining from last transaction and bought a few T6 materials bags (10 of them since 10 laurels) and a few mystic coins (around 7), reaching some gold, and did a second transaction, which is the following: 42 G 28 S 59 C - 100 Gems on 19:21 GMT

Thanks to all the wizard vault points I had, I could purchase the whole mystic coins bags (60 of them), and the whole 1 gold coin bag (90 of them), and 13 T6 bags and i did another transaction: 85 Gold 76 Silver - 200 Gems on GMT 20:36 .

But the thing is, that, after, around 21:30 GMT, I did convergences, and so i got several T6 mats in here, and also the 2 gold coin for finishing it. BUT also some remnants of mystic coins/gold coin bags! Indeed, 60 Mystic coins = around 120 gold, and 90 gold coin bags equal 90 gold, so 210. But you see in my last transaction that I spent 85 gold,  so there is still 130 Gold Coins remaining!


To remind anyone, here how an exchange normally go:

  • The number of gold decrease  in the exchange windows
  • The number of gems increase in the exchange windows
  • "Thanks for your purchase" pop up is displayed on screen.
  • Gem icon appearing in bottom right corner above minimap with amount given.


Here is how it want for my last exchange;

1-The Number of gold in Trading Post windows decreased
2-The Number of gems in trading Post windows hadn't changed
3-No Thanks for your purchase message pop up
4-Gem icon 200 appeared in bottom right corner


I perfectly know what I did, currently on me, i have 26 golds. If you do 26 + 85 gold you 111 Gold WHICH IS COHERENT with what I said, as I may have miscalculated from few gold above, gold coins gained by my different transactions.

Currently, I should be at 800 Gems, but I am at  600 Gems, I got scammed of 200 gems. I perfectly new what I did and it is the FIRST time I saw the trading post bugging, only half of indicators of Gems earned displayed.



I perfectly know what I had in terme of gold coins:

Originally: ~133/140 Gold Coins + 90 Bags of coin  ( 90 Gold coins ) + 60 Mystic Coins ( 120 Gold Coins ) +  23 Heavy crafting bags ( 16 Gold Coins) = 366 Gold coins  => ~800 gems


I am NO LIAR, and KNOWS what I did. And I wouldn't be here today if the trading post didn't bugged. And I am here also, because it is not less than 86 gold which disappeared in void.

I have already reported this issue through in game report form, and also contacted Gw2 assistance center, t which I gave ton of information, along calculations.

But as I said above, the GW2 support don't find the 200 gems transactions of 22:00 GMT which i find baffling, but which also prove that the TP bugged since in not the record!



Important Information, I must precise that the issue/ bug happened during a LAG SPIKE.

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