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Staff and Spear changes I'd like to see

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First give them distinct identities.

Staff: ranged damage, group support.

Spear: ranged damage, selfish survival.

Staff changes: Increase lava font cooldown to 8 seconds (6 seconds with fire traitline) and increase it's damage twofold (it hits like a wet noodle right now), Increase Meteor shower cooldown to 40 seconds (32 seconds with fire traitline) remove damage reduction per hit, reduce skill radius to 300 to make it more consistant with large/small hitboxes, reduce duration from 9 seconds to 6 seconds and reduce number of impacts from 24 to 18.

Hitting a target with Water blast (staff AA) reduces the cooldown of Geyser (3) and Healing Rain (5). Increase damage from Ice Spike by 25% and add pulsing damage to Frozen Ground (around 0.3 per tick for 5 sticks).

Chain Lightning (staff AA), if this skill finds no target to bounce of to, it hits the target 3 times  (this happened to the 3rd AA from lightning attuned sword and it's fitting for staff as well since it hits for almost 1/3rd of fireball's damage). Add a damage component to Gust and Windborne Speed (add a damaging wirlwind around the caster that does damage 9x in 3 seconds) and increase the cooldown to 25seconds (20seconds with air traitline).

Stoning (earth AA) grant barrier to players around the target. Change Eruption into 2 damage componants, 1 for the initial placement and 1 for exploding, placement does minor damage and cripple, explosion does big damage and some bleeds. Unsteady Ground (earth 4) Allies that walk over it gain stability and barrier.


Spear changes beside the obvious increase damage numbers:

Change Restorative Spear (water AA) into Ice Lance: change healing on hit into 1,5 second of chill on the target (peel potential, slower for enemies to reach the caster). Change Ripple (3) into Vaporwave: Change the caster into invulnerable mist for 1 second while shooting 600 yards into a chosen direction, removes cripple and immobilize (25second cooldown). Change Undertow (4) into a 3 second AoE pulling targets towards it's center, when targets are still inside at the end of the spell they get slow. Remove healing from the Etching, increase the damage and add a 450 knockback.

Change Fulgor into Lightning Cloud: Repeatedly Strike the Area with lightning (4 strikes in 4 seconds, up to 3 targets for each strike) and each lightning strike increase the damage by 10% for the next strike, final strike adds weakness to the targets. Change Energize into Lightning Reflexes (1 second evasion/blur +2 seconds superspeed, 18 second cooldown with air traitline). Change Twister into Chained Lightning: 1,5 second charge up, instantly travels up to 1200 yards, big damage, root the target for 2 seconds, bounces to 4 additional targets for 20% less damage and roots those targets for 1 second.

Make it so Etchings are charged by any weapon spell, not just the attunement of the etching so we dont have to attune, press 3 and press attune again every time to make spear work on weaver.

Also while I'm at it, change Weaver's grandmaster trait Elements of Rage to increase damage while being dual attuned, seems more fitting to the class fantasy.

Make Jade Sphere's collect energy while being summoned but make the attacks of the jade sphere not generate energy.

Increase the auto attack damage of conjured weapons to be on par with sword/dagger auto attacks, and increase their 2-5 skills to be above that (for axe and hammer atleast).

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