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Spear skills' tooltip edits that I made

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*Idk how to post images on the forum so bear with me

After playing the beta and enjoying the spear, but finding it rather overlapping with a few weapons that the necromancer already has, I decided to edit the spear skill tooltips, and i thought i'd share the ideas I had. It would obviously take some testing to make the number values ok, but the general idea is there.

My perspective is mostly based on PvE as that is the mode i primarily played. I was thinking it would be cool to have spear as a hybrid damage weapon, as it would make the weapon more appealing for a wider range of builds, instead of it being very similar to swords and greatsword.

I also tried to address a few issues I had with some skills, such as the lack of reach on skill 3 or skill 4 getting body-blocked and not reaching the intended target. And I also changed the Extirpation effect caused by skill 5 to temporarily disable boons on the affected targets (similar to how resistance works on conditions), as the current iteration is very insignificant and nearly pointless to even have on the skill.

Soul shards would probably need some changes to their numbers or what they do too, but i didn't have any strong opinions on them so i did not touch them.

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