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Ornate Chest Don't Open

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Look at the overall repeatable Master Diver Achievement. If the zone you're in is checked off, move to the next location. OR just double click the Ornate key to show you the next available chest you can loot. Once the Master Diver achievement resets you can then go back and continue looting chests.

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19 hours ago, Booey Bubblehead.4890 said:

Despite having keys in my inventory, the chest don't open for me.   I get a message that say "The chest is clasped shut with an ornate lock.

If you have not finished a full run of the 10 existing chests, you won't be able to open the same one twice.

You need to finish every chest in the list first for all chests to reset: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Master_Diver

Edit: The linked achievement will also show you in-game which chests have already been opened and which have not.

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