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Power mirage wvw roaming relics

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Just wondering what kind of relics the pmirage's are roaming with in wvw. I've been using Wayfinder and been enjoying the movement speed.  Anyone try Zakiros?

On that note. What gear stats people running? Full zerker? It's fun to one shot but having 16khp is yikes.  

Any tips appreciated :]

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I'm also using Wayfinder at the moment. I tried Zakiros but found it quite underwhelming. Firework and Isgarren are both nice if you want damage.

For stats I'm using a mix of Assassin and Marauder to get 80% crit (100% with fury). Essentially as much Assassin as needed and the rest marauder. Could probably be optimized a bit, since the last couple of crit % don't add that much more value.

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wayfinder, fireworks, main
other options: NOT META BUT STILL NICE
unseen invasion
pack relic (for buffs on jaunt)
defender for shield

evasion as well but not needed when using MG trait in dueling.

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