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Spear; Flip skills could have been cool


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I was thinking about spear and how flip skills could have been a very enjoyable and novel (for Warrior) way to make spear a more interesting and versatile weapon. Flip skills like:

Skill 2: remove the second impact and have it become a flip skill. For example:

Leap to your spear (no damage, sword 2 style leap, 900 range)

Skill 4: Remove the daze, increase the damage, and give it a pull flip skill. For example:

Pull your spear back, bringing all impaled foes with it.

Skill 5: Give it a flip skill that scales on the number of spears that hit the target. For example:

Dethorn: Pull your spears out of your opponent, dealing damage per spear pulled out. Range 130. This gives a melee range follow up for damage based on how many spears hit. 

These 3 flip skills would:

1. Give spear more mobility to be able to kite or pursue.

2. give spear a powerful setup and control skill that leverages off of a skill shot.

3. gives spear a strong 5 skill combination skill with melee follow up because more damage is fun.

4. Spear becomes a far more independent weapon set, which Warrior needs more of. 

Just some thoughts I had. I anticipate spears kit to be set, just some thoughts on how it could have been a bit beefed up.

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Lack of mobility was one of the reasons that made me dislike the spear. I felt like sitting duck with it in WvW, especially when the spear skills force you to 900 range and all the 1200 range pew pew enjoyers eat you alive. Your suggestions are interesting. Flip skill mechanics >>>>>>> range skill effect/aoe penalty "mechanics". Dragonhunter-like pull on 4th skill would be so goooood. Yes please! Also make the targeting like dragonhunter F1 spear throw. 🤗

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