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Speculation: Guild hall decoration vendors would make good homestead decoration vendors.

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Guild halls have existed for quite awhile, so vendors throughout the world have been added to accommodate guild hall decorations. Some of these decorations are coveted among guild hall decorators. For those bored with waiting for Janthir, it might be worth saving up resources related to these vendors. The reason is because they just seem like plausible sources for furniture recipes or for buying the furniture directly. This is just a guess on my part, but even if I'm wrong these currencies are still useful to spend on guild hall decorations.

I've decided to create a little list of vendors as a reminder for what currencies I might want to save up. I thought I should share it. If I'm missing anything, please remind me!


Simple things I'm doing to save up currencies:

  • Glyphs of volatility on my gathering tools.
  • Daily home instance runs.
  • Daily roller beetle races.
    • [&BPkGAAA=], [&BBMAAAA=], [&BOQAAAA=], [&BLsAAAA=], [&BN0AAAA=], [&BA4MAAA=], [&BM8CAAA=]
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