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NA - WvW [PACK] now recruiting all levels of WvW players from ALL SHARDS!!

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[PACK] Wolves Of War now recruiting from ~ALL SHARDS~ with alliances now active!!!! We are currently on Abaddon's Prison.

[PACK] is part of a fantastic 5 guild alliance, across multiple time zones. We are looking for dedicated, committed players. ~We would also love to recruit potential commanders, class leads/trainers & theory crafters!!!~

[PACK] is a WvW focused group, fight focused first, PPT second. We run in WvW 5 nights a week. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun. We start at 8:30pm EST, 7:30pm CST and 5:30pm PST. Reset Fridays...we start at 9pm cst, but it changes with daylight savings. ~You are required to run a minimal of 2 nights out of the 3 CORE PACK days, which are Sun, Mon, Wed. Fri is considered a chill night in WVW, Sat we run a WvW static fight group with 1 of our alliance guilds**.~** We use DISCORD for comms and this is mandatory. You dont have to talk, but you have to be able to hear the commander's and their call outs. Guild builds will be required (You get 1 class build when you join) and repping [PACK] on WvW nights is also required. We have trainings and even 1 on 1 sessions for anyone requiring or requesting them. We are not a hardcore fight guild, but not casual either. We would like to think our players will have a willingness to get better and improve and be open minded about playing different classes if need be or are asked.



We are a very open, inclusive and respectful guild(s), where all are welcome.

Discord @ https://discord.gg/2Bjssh3xk9 (PACK & CBo use the same discord)

Please feel free to reach out to me in-game at Rantaine.4759 or on Discord at Dguvner#3035

Sidenote...[PACK] is formed of [CBo] members who just enjoy WvW more. [CBo] does a lot of PvE stuff, so on nights off, there is plenty to do if you wish!!! We do PvE Strikes, Raids and Fractals.

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