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is there a fun WvW Support Staff Bladesworn build?

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You mean like zerg support? It’s hypothetically doable, but I wouldn’t recommend it. As a spec, bladesworn has an identity crisis in terms of what roles it’s optimal for, and this is most pronounced in competitive modes. Contrary to everyone else in this thread, I won’t say don’t play it, because it can function as a bruiser. Unfortunately, bruisers are not usually helpful in WvW, except maybe in small-scale or roaming, but I take it that’s not what you want. Also, with regeneration removed from staff in the last patch, the bladesworn is even more limited in how it can use that weapon to support the group. There’s a further problem in that much of the support across all warrior specs is stationary AoE, but I’ll stop here for now since that’s a broader issue.

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