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Game Bug;Thief;Skill Interaction;Mechanics;Malicious Cunning Salvo + Cunning Salvo; Blasts/revealed status

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checking up on the march 1, 2024 update:

"Cunning Salvo and Malicious Cunning Salvo: Axes created by this skill will now properly gain bonuses when being recalled by dual-wield skills. Axes created by this skill will no longer always inflict revealed when being recalled by dual-wield skills. This skill is now a blast finisher. Reduced the bleeding stacks from 3 to 2 in PvE only."

Now, maybe im missing something here but it seems "almost fixed". 
Before the fix it would reveal on recall, AND also wasnt a blast finisher YET (only malicious cunning salvo wasnt yet as cunning was) so it would reveal us if we WERENT stealthed and recalled... so it seems the intention was to not reveal on recall to give everyone synergy on blast fields...where here is where this doesnt make sense.

Deadeye AND non deadeye (so i tested both versions on the stealth attack) will only reveal if it hits a foe....this is nice and all because duh, you dealt raw power damage...
what i DONT understand is why if i use Orchestrated Assault/Harrowing storm while sitting inside a smoke field....the damage occurs BEFORE the BLAST finisher....it makes everything practically pointless to try to benefit, on thieves at all, from the blast finishers...

is it intended?
Is it reasonable to ask that the blast finisher occur BEFORE the damage to allow combos priority wise? changing priority within the effects would be similar to how Bountiful Theft + Sleight of Hand allow each other to work because the Stability is ripped BEFORE the stun.

@Rubi Bayer.8493

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