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Game Bug;Thief;Weapon Skills;Harrowing Storm; Skill not interacting with traits appropriately + will not teleport behind your foe

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On 3/7/2024 at 9:40 AM, Luranni.9470 said:

So according to our traits, Harrowing Storm (axe/dagger 3) does not count as either a shadowstep OR a movement ability. It doesnt proc fluid strikes or guarded initiation for example. It gets worse when you start testing our entire kit - there's absolutely no consistency in either the skills or the traits on what counts as "shadowstep" "teleport" or "movement".  It's a total sloppy mess and could do with a pass to at least have things make sense rather than be rngesus if this specific ability will proc this specific trait or not :(.

Aside from what this user stated, which i agree with, it needs to be a Shadowstep as per class theme to not break utilities/traits accordingly. Thief has shadowsteps, and they always have except for 2 skills considered as teleports.

It would make sense that only Shadowportal works as intended as a teleport for competitive and some skips in pve otherwise the No Valid Path wouldnt allow you to port your buddies due to terrain.
The Shadow Escape (downstate) makes no sense but isnt a big deal aside from its a Teleport in the tooltip, but acts as a shadowstep.

These 2 examples further indicate how intricate the design system is for thief as a whole as far as mechanical design.

This being said, We need to have Harrowing storm, quite soon, be flagged to be taken a look into to be remade into a Shadowstep + Movement skill. 
Take a look into Shadow Savior trait + Traversing Dusk trait+ Hard to Catch trait on Shadow Arts + Specter + Acrobatics traitlines respectfully. If we want more diversity on builds with more fluid gameplay, we need to allow interaction through skill type swap (teleport to shadowstep) on Harrowing Storm. which would give more flavor to the skill

ISSUE 2: Harrowing storm does NOT teleport you BEHIND your target as stated. If it is not supposed to the tooltip needs to be adjusted to fit the mechanic or it needs to be fixed to always teleport behind your target.

@Rubi Bayer.8493

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