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[EU][PvE] Sunspear Order [SO] is looking for active members!

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Ahai, fellow Tyrians!

About Sunspear Order

Sunspear Order [SO] is an EU-based PVE guild consisting of many casual and veteran players enjoying the game in our friendly guild environment. We have an active discord community and host many events each week. Our goal is to offer a relaxed environment for people to connect, try different aspects of the game and have fun.

When you join Sunspear Order you’ll find a great core group of active players who are invested in the game and the guild. We are community-driven and value the input of all members.

What do we offer?

  • Discord server with lots of activity in text and voice channels
  • Fully upgraded Guild Hall (Windswept Haven)
  • Active and helpful community with a mixture of new and veteran players

Event Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Raid Training - Lowman/Meme Comp Raids Open Raids Raid Training - Guild Missions
18:00 UTC - 19:30 UTC 17:00 UTC 18:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
- - Fractal CMs - - - -
- - 18:00 UTC - - - -

We also run other one-time events that are not part of the weekly schedule.

Our Requirements

  1. We have a friendly community and we don’t accept disruptive behavior.
  2. No discrimination/racism etc.
  3. Be respectful!
  4. No in-game guild representation required.
  5. We do not require people to speak in voice channels (but do require joining during events to listen only)
  6. Have fun!

How to Join

Join our Discord and post your account name in our #welcome channel! An officer will get you invited to the guild as soon as they can! Everyone is welcome!

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