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[EU][FLOW] Wilted Flowers of Tyria - Social oriented PvX guild is recruiting

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🌸Hey, adventurer! 🌸

Are you ready to embark on epic quests, vanquish foes, and share in countless laughs? Look no further! We’re the Wilted Flowers of Tyria, a social guild that embraces all the fun and challenges of PvX content. From PvE raids, strikes, fractals to heart-pounding PvP battles and everything in between without forgetting WvW, we've got a spot just for you!

But wait, there’s more! Discord is a must – it’s our secret weapon. It’s where we coordinate our daring adventures, swap hilarious memes, and pretend to know what we’re doing. Whether you’re planning a dungeon dive or just looking to chat, Discord is our home base.

Our guild is a place where every member is valued, and every adventure is a new opportunity for fun!  So, dust off your armor, sharpen your skills, and get ready to join our small but amazing community!

Ready to wilt with us?
Join the Wilted Flowers of Tyria and let’s make Tyria bloom together!
You can either join our guild Discord or whisper/send mail in-game to Kamiichi.9203 or Sotlol.3207

🌸 Join us, and together we’ll wilt in style! 🌸

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