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Things i hope to see from Janthir Wild Patch Cycle

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Zones design and Open World

  • Add Activities (mount races, challenges) much sooner in the patch cycle
  • Additions of random events in the first two maps released to create variations and change the flow of  random events (outside of meta) each patch. In Soto Nayos felt like it evolved with each patch but Skyreach and Amnytas Stayed pretty much the same from the start to the end of the expansion.
  • Also use the two first zones in the story of chapters 2-3-4 so we do not feel like the story of 3/4 of the expansion is confined in only one zone.
  • I don't want a useless currency. Unusual coins in SOTO are totally useless once you get recipes and have done the legendary grind you need. I don't know why we don't have a currency sink for this one currency. Arcane chest are still profitable to loot from a gear/recycling stand point, but it feel bad to have thousands of a currency you can't do anything with.


  • Constant additions each patch of recipes for new goodies to build in our house in Older Maps (theme around them) either as Meta currencies rewards or as new achievements rewards. It could be a new category of achievements that plays out in a similar way than the legendary Neck Return to X Chapter. 
  • A chest in which you can put a bunch of rewards in for your visitors to gather (daily or weekly). Getting to/finding that chest would allow visitors to get a single random reward in those deposited by the owner of the instance. This could allow us to reward visitors for doing our jumping puzzle or finding it's way in our self made maze, and incentivize visits from you friends, while staying a pure social player-driven initiative.


  • Buff management rework. I would like to have a control on what buff i see and where it's screened


  • A Riffle numerical and fluidity rework. I can always hope for it to come one day, but really, modernizing the casts of Riffle2 and Riffle3 so those feel less clunky, adding a way to generate self quickness (in a rework of Riffle4 maybe or through Crack Shot Discipline talent) and a little  numerical adjust and the riffle could become a pretty good weapon for all Specs instead of an OK tier-ish weapon, only with Berserker.


  • I would love for Anet to think about giving Soulbeast a way to become a Boon DPS and  rework Eternal bound so it can heal other players. With the Maces/Staff and a Healing Pet, we kinda can heal currently, but the lack of boon is pretty harmful to being able to play it that way. I think a Qheal playstyle would be quite fitting, so you could have Druid AHeal, Soulbeat QDPS/QHeal and Untamed QDPS/QHeal (did not know it existed before today, but it seems it's a thing, not meta, but a thing non the less).

Spears and Fashion

  • I would like to see Anet create new skins for old weapon collections than do not have spears in it, especially those tied to in-game non-shop related rewards, like the Auric weapon set. Another reason to play older content is always great.
  • A new armour set on every quarter patch to chase should be baseline in my opinion, especially if the gear is  the same visualy in the 3 armour type.
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I expect big homestead during quarter updates, along with new, useful decorations to come out during festival patches. However, we have so little information compared to legendary armor that I don't know how they are going to fill the quarter updates of this expansion.

Warrior Spear really does have the versatility that Rifle should have gotten.

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16 hours ago, Eloc Freidon.5692 said:

Warrior Spear really does have the versatility that Rifle should have gotten.

Still, from all the profession i play on a regular basis (Ranger, Warrior, Thief), the warrior riffle is the only weapon that still has this archaic feel to it, mostly due to the way weapon skills  are cast on this weapon, in the same way than some siege weapons feel sluggish to use (it's not as responsive as most weapons are). And even if the spear fill a similar niche than the riffle, the fantasy isn't the same and one should not be obviously better in every situation than the other from a gameplay standpoint. Riffle pretty much never had a rework and is as problematic and unusable than the ranger sword was prior to it's rework (even worse i'd argue). In the wake of having a third range option for the warrior, i think it would be overdue to see a rework on this weapon, else it will stay as the third obviously worse in every situation never picked weapon for those who'd liked to play range warriors.  Also, we litterally have a gun-blade spec that has next to zero synergy with the riffle. Thematically, it's criminal, in my opinion.

16 hours ago, Eloc Freidon.5692 said:

However, we have so little information compared to legendary armor that I don't know how they are going to fill the quarter updates of this expansion.

They already confirmed there will be a new legendary spear on the first Quaterly update and that raids difficulties will come out with those. Yet i'm also wondering what could come out of those quarterly updates outside of that that could be selling enough to reignite interest enough for players to stay a while. Let's hope that's not just a legendary spear skin on the two other quarters (like Gen3). To be honest, what made me come back in QU2 of Soto was mostly the new weapons and the fresh builds and gameplay that came with 'em. The legendary armor is nice to farm if you're already playing, but if, like me, you play here and there, that's gameplay and big features (and story when it's really good, let's hope it's better than Soto) that makes you log back.

At least, with the inclusion of housing, i know that while i'm not fully satisfied with what i've built, i'll be coming back to the game just for that. I really hope we'll have access to the old LA building blocs or chars ones at some point.

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