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Finally fix the Full counter Bug. By this i mean the fact that it got a 8 Seconds CD only when it used to be 10,5 Seconds instead .... when burst mastery is traited.  Spelbreaker right now is Meta but also nearly unkillable when played on full Defence with dagger shield staff cause you can Chain so many defensive mechanics on par. Nerf full counter by fix this build will help get this in Line. 

Also can we finally get a buff though decapitade and eviscerate? Axe Main Hand is now only semi playable in comb with Sword offhand cause it lags in terms of direct/burst dmg.

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3 hours ago, Lighter.5631 said:

you know what i always wanted?

remove CC from full counter, give damage back

better for eveyone, more fun for player, because more damage

more fun for enemy because it's less annoying CC spam.

Why do you bargain like this? No, give damage back and keep the CC.

Also no CC on FC means no synergy with traits, so...

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Personally, I'd turn Body Blow into strike damage that can crit. Make it proc a Lesser Fierce Blow, which is the unconditional damage and weakness application.

That way FC gets to do damage, all the other CCs get to do damage again, and some fun gets to happen with some specific bursts and primal bursts.

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3 hours ago, Myror.7521 said:

@WingSwipe.3084 nah sir its not the only variable one. Its the one that is too strong imo. 

I have gotten a bit of a better perspective from The Captain explaining it and you are right, it needs to be tuned down:

My main worry in this situation is that nerfs happen and nothing comes to compensate.

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7 hours ago, Myror.7521 said:

Ah i forgot to say also Nerf defiant stance this kitten makes spellbreaker currently absolutely unkillable in ranked matches cause peops are too dump to not hit into it xD

No. The lemmings need to learn to stow weapons when they see themselves giving green numbers to their target.

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