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[NA] [PVE] Dunces And Dragons! A new relaxed social space to accomplish any goals in game!

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Dunces And Dragons [DnD] is open for nonsense.     (18+)      Looking for folks to build up a tight knit group that is less a guild and more of a 2nd home.  Starting from the ground up, grab those character sheets!    We plan to do all content eventually.  This is brand new guild, just capped our Guild Hall a few days ago! If you are looking to experience what its like to start from the ground up, give us a go! Or if you enjoy social aspects of the game or want a place to chill or call home! We plan to maybe have movie nights, game nights  and maybe even an online DnD session!!

If you are interested contact me in game @The Raven.9064   Or on discord! at    .the.raven  (exactly as it says, with the periods)  Or on here!  Leave a post!


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