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Fractal about ancient Orr/Arah

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After playing the personal story again, I was wondering, if there will ever be a chance to see Arah (and also Orr) in it’s original glory.

With the release of Lonely Tower, many complained about the recycled assets and lore/story. So, how about something new and interesting? I don’t think, we ever saw Arah in its state before the invasion of the Charr and the Cataclysm. It’s said, Arah was the mightiest of all human settlements—blessed by the god themselves. Therefore, I was wondering, if we could get a fractal about Arah in its glory—a setting in ancient times. Not during the Charr invasion, though, since we already have the Ascalon fractal and that area in Jahai Bluffs.

Maybe Arah during the time, then the gods just left Tyria. Legend has it, that the city remained glorious even after the exodus of the gods. How about some internal disturbances, e. g. becoming an independent nation (1 AE)? Or some point of the original guild wars set in Orr/Arah (100 AE)?

I really would love to see Orrian architecture in its original state and not destroyed by the Cataclysm, being underwater for centuries, and corrupted by Zhaitan.

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A story about Gigantus Lupicus would make for a nice fractal and would put some light on the ancient era of the gods. Could be good, IF the fight(s) are designed well. Though after the latest fractals I wouldn't hold my breath for it.... 

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