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Rifle 5 is barely used and barely hits the target when used


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I've been doing some matches as rifle berserker, and i just noticed that i barely use rifle 5 and it's not easy to land it.

This weapon just feels like a 4 skills weapon (if we don't count the F1 ofc)

Just, please, give some mobility or something else to rifle 5 that is really useful @Cal Cohen.2358.

Rifle 4 should also dodge AND chain at THE SAME time.

The 'Crack Shot' traitline only reducing rifle 4 cooldown makes no sense, autos are also barely used (but way more than rifle 5 tho), it should increase the dmg of the whole rifle, not just autos, and don't count this build as an excuse to not overhaul that trait, since this a carry glass cannon meme build, it has NO real sustain, it SHOULD hit hard.


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Indeed, Rifle Butt is pathetic skill in competetive modes. Extremely limited for what it provides on 20 sec cooldown. The ammo recharge was attempt to make it somewhat more interactive but personally, I would trade ammo skills for non-ammo skills that have more impact any day.

Brutal Shot used to be "shoot and then dodge" which was annoying just as it is now. Very impractical designs, both previous and current version. The forced movement backwards has been more annoying than useful for me when using rifle.

I play rifle from time to time in WvW (used to play it a lot more but current balance state doesn't favor glassy warrior rifle very much...) and the weapon lacks faster projectiles and better in-combat mobility. People tend to get away too easily or the projectile gets obstructed/missed/out-of-range (or even simply disappears) even when there is no obstacle and so on. Rifle in its current state is impractical weapon to use in intense environment where there are lots of aoes, blinds, ccs, enemies getting into melee range and running through you while you cast skills which cancells the skill and so on. Imo increasing projectile speeds significantly and reworking 4th and 5th skill into something more practical is needed. Damage used to carry this weapon hard, but that is no longer the case since the february 2020 patch and with all the defensive builds in WvW nowadays. However, if the weapon has better fight back capability in more intense environments, increasing damages is probably not needed.

There is also another issue that I think needs to be addressed – better and more intuitive adrenaline generation without having to invest into very specific traits or pick specific heal/utility/elite skills. For example, I find it bizzare that when you want to enter Berserk on demand, you have to pick either Signet of Fury which wastes utility slot (or heal that prevents you picking condition cleansing heal skill or burst resetting skill and so on) just to allow warrior do what all other professions can naturally do, use their profesion mechanics right away, on demand. But that is probably for another topic.

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