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Daredevil or Deadeye


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you can make templates for both and switch between depending on what is better for the situation.

DE has very good boon and ini generation and is because of that better for longer solo fights, say against champs while daredevil is lacking there.

for WvW at same skill level a DD should beat a DE, but we are playing a very defensive meta at the moment. given thief usually has difficulties staying melee too long against most opponents, ranged builds will have more sustained pressure to wear people down. i would say: axe daredevil > rifle deadeye > rest. 
maybe spear will change that because the boons should allow deadeye to stay melee but only on rifle do they have reliable restealth outside of stolen skills, but that would require the spear chains to be more reliable on release of it.

i do roam on daredevil and swap to a deadeye build for when i solo tower/keep lords, don't play EB enough to solo SM often but that i also did on deadeye, not sure i would be able to on daredevil given the guard respawns and lower dps (when a guard respawns it is random at which location. with people killing guards outside, the frequency of respawns can be quite high).

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From a solo PvE perspective, deadeye is better at champ killing, but I think both can work fairly well for fighting packs of weaker enemies.

If you're looking to start unlocking them, one thing worth considering is that PoF and EoD elite specialisations allow you to unlock the centre line of traits at a relatively low hero point cost. Deadeye's central line is a fairly good one for clearing trash when playing solo - running that with dual pistols and powerful utility skills is a popular open world build. HoT elite specialisations like Daredevil, by contrast, require you to unlock nearly the whole thing before you can get your first GM trait. Deadeye, therefore, allows you to unlock a reasonably complete build earlier, which you can then use by unlocking the rest of Deadeye and then move on to unlocking Daredevil. 

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