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Questions about the Ending of the EoD story (not including Gyala).

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Spoilers for basically everything up to, and including, End of Dragons.

So, I have a few questions about this one. Overall, the story was pretty good, and they didn't do an awful job wrapping up the Elder Dragon story. But, there's a few things I might need explaining. Seeing that Cantha (similarly to Elona) has masses of history and lore in books and NPC dialogue, I might have missed a few explanations.

So, Joon's extractors. My first question would be "how do they work"? Not like a huge thesis-written scientific explanation - we don't live in a world with Elder Dragons and Jade tech, etc. But, even in Season 3, there was SOME reason why Taimi's machine worked. It used her recent research into Primordus and Jormag being each other's weakness, and made the revelation feel realistic. We didn't know 100% what the workings were, but there was a clear path from *we don't know*, to *ah, this might help*, to *boom - cracked it*. I didn't see any of this with Joon and her extractors, though. Yeah, Joon is a genius, for sure, but the power to siphon the magic off of Elder Dragons and store it? Isn't that kind of what we've been trying to achieve the whole time, and when she does, it's just pawned off like it's an unimportant detail? It appears to me, that it's just being used as an ultra-lazy plot device, but I hope that isn't the case. Like I said, I'm hoping I missed something with this, or maybe my reasoning is off.

Secondly, what happened to all the Dragon magic / void magic after Soo-Won's death? Aurene has previously stated that the magic would flow through her, and she would be the one Elder Dragon left who leaves the magics balanced, and docile. But, the magic doesn't flow into Aurene, it can be seen floating off into the distance at the scene of Soo-Won's death. I find this a little odd - because if Aurene DID absorb all the magic that Soo-Won couldn't - why does she look exactly the same in the next epilogue-esc story mission? After killing each Elder Dragon, she has growth or transformation of some kind - just look at what happened after felling Kralkatorrik - she completely changed. Wouldn't the masses of magic from Soo-Won do a similar thing? I can't figure it out.

This one is a little more abstract, and I'm kind of totally fine without getting any concrete answer to this. But, Kuunavang tells us that once, there was only Void, all elements of magic mixed together with no order. Then, Soo-Won came along, split the magic, and created 5 children to help maintain the balance. But, like... where did SHE come from? Was she born from the Void? What allowed her to come into existance? I know we'll probably only ever be able to theorycraft on this one, but I think the discussion is worth having anyway, even just for fun.

But, my main two questions are the ones above. How it looks to me (I'm not a doomer - I'm just assuming I've missed details which is leaving me uninformed) is that Joon comes up with a machine that somehow happens to be exactly what we need, even thought she had no way of knowing what was coming when she made the first one and sold it to Mai Trin; then we make loads of them, siphon the magic from Soo-Won, and suddenly everything is just fine with the world, even though there is no sign at all that the magic has gone anywhere sustainable? It doesn't appear to have gone into Aurene, otherwise she would have evolved again, and using the same reasoning since Season 3 when Taimi figured out killing Elder Dragons was bad for the magical balance, it can't have gone into the leylines/the rest of Tyria, because it will destroy the entire world if not filtered and controlled by Aurene.


plz help :')


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  1. Joon's extractors were built off of the debris of Ankka's extractor, augmented with Jade from the Jade Sea that is a natural magical conductor (much like Bloodstone is) in order to store it (though it is insufficient). So there is that "we don't know to ah this might help" going on, it just isn't quite as overt.
    Ankka's extractor has no real explanation behind it, but "takes magic from thing" is not new to Tyria by any stretch of the margin. In the personal story, Professor Gorr uses magical extractors called Vacuumagic Polarizer that takes in magic, reverses it polarity (basically making it toxic to the one it was taken from), and shoots it back out. In GW1, the asura have various methods of extracting magic to store in crystals or even canopic jars as mentioned in this cutscene.
  2. This is, imo, a massive plothole that isn't really addressed, but not in the way you're asking. The key element that distinguishes Aurene from the other Elder Dragons is that she doesn't hoard magic but filters it back into the world. But a major plot point of Season 3 is that simply killing two Elder Dragons - Zhaitan and Mordremoth - and unleashing their magic into the world causes a the ambient levels of magic to reach dangerous (but not critical) levels. Even though she took in the lion's share of Kralkatorrik's magic at the end of Season 4, it's a mission objective to release the magic of Zhaitan, Mordremoth, and Balthazar into the world before she does this, and this is why Jormag and Primordus gets a power boost from Kralk's death in IBS, and at the end of IBS their magic goes through Aurene to Soo-Won. At the end of End of Dragons, Soo-Won's magic is released back into the world after filtering, not absorbed (this is why she isn't further changed physically - she isn't absorbing magic anymore, and she's already fully grown).
    Basically, Aurene doesn't have any more magic than she does at the end of Season 4, and the overflow of magic from before Season 4 was never solved. She technically has less magic than Kralkatorrik does during Season 4, but the overflow / quantity of magic in the world is suddenly not an issue at all somehow. By value, there should be more magic in the world than ever before, and more magic in the world than we saw during Season 3. But it's just... not mentioned.
  3. Soo-Won's origin is unclear. It should be clear that when Kuunavang mentioned there was only Void, she was talking about in retrospect to the planet Tyria, and not in retrospect to all existence. There is no indication that Soo-Won created the entire multiverse and the Mists out of Void. She only turned a giant lifeless rock full of chaotic (or "chaotic" technically) magic that would constantly deconstruct everything into a world with vibrant life.
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