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Leap of Faith up to 240 radius

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I cracked up when I read this.  Alright, seriously, I know that this sort of change cannot be something that truly affects this game in a meaningful way because everything else is already so homogenized and sauced up with a decade's worth of asinine, powercreep gone off the rails due to a lack of any fundamental, holistic design philosophy.  However, this is the quintessential example of ArenaNettery when it comes to "game design" lmao.  Zero mental foresight or basic regard for what this actually might LOOK LIKE when it occurs in the game.

I haven't played the game in a hot minute because I can't really access it with current connectivity, but has anyone already been crit for 4-6k from out of nowhere because an enemy guard bonked your ally on the head from 5m directly behind you (now that Leap of Faith hits with an AoE that's basically the size of a standard capture node)?  That's gotta be infuriating lmao.  I have no idea if people even still run guardian GS or not anymore.  Every class is probably coked up on all sorts of nonsense based on some of these commercials and recent additions.

I'd imagine that's there a chance that people leveling up in PvE (if that still occurs) are now randomly aggroing distant critters by accident too lol.  Truth be told, though, it's the little, goofy and thoughtless decisions like this which have ultimately led to this game's PvP current state.  Read the front page of this sub forum, and it sounds like it's entirely on fire because every class is just "other, better thief" or some kind of 2012 cele ele lmao.

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