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The Queue Bug Still Exists

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We've had many of our guild members experience this returning bug for WvW. The are #1 in queue and they get the travel message only to be thrown to the end of the queue line when they press "travel". 

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This is ridiculous it has been months. I just sat 1st in queue for 20+ minutes only to get recycled to 58th in queue. 1 Hour and 50 minutes to get on to the map I first queued. Wasted an extra 90 minutes due to this bug.

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Yep Arenanet I know you are busy with the new expansion and everything but, look, any update, any balance, any new weapon, any TP item it's useless if we can't play at all because in months, months no one cared to fix this thing, I was q1 and then Q20 for 3 times in a row and i clicket after 1 sec, let us know if you need any help, advice? can we do something? let us know, we are here to help., what we really would like is to play, give us this and everything else will be ok.

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