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Contact/guild list shows map location of WvW enemies (who are friends in PvE)

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The contact list shows the map instance of enemies who are in WvW without any "protection" when it should hide locations of players who are on different teams. Under the old WvW system you could not see player locations (even this had an old bug: linked servers still showed the enemy player instance).

I am on Silent Woods and many of my Piken friends are on the Grekvelnn team. This week we are matched against each other (EU, tier 4). As you can see from the screenshot the location of my "enemies" from Grekvelnn are clearly visible.

This can be abused in WvW to follow an enemy commander as they map change (and has already been used against us), and this goes a long way to replace good teamwork and map scouting.

What would be expected:

  1. If you are on the same WvW team then you can see the map instance name when a friend/guild member is in WvW, and
  2. If you are on a different team then you see a generic "World vs World" (concealing the location)
  3. Tooltips should also conceal the map name, as should guild member lists.

Image showing contact list and locations of WvW enemies
Thanks for taking a look!

(Originally posted to the support team as ticket 9230734, but redirected here.)

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Thanks for posting this. Came up last night when it seems pretty likely we had someone tracking us through this (I think most of the time people say things like Spies! they are actually wrong and they've just been spotted but it was a very quiet night OCX time in our matchup and it was a bit coincidence how often people turned up at our destination).

It's obviously critical in a player vs player mode that the friends list isn't giving your location away!

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