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Action Camera Crosshair Issue


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Hi Dev teams,

I would like to ask for a small action camera cross-hair adjustment, I have been experiencing this issue for a very long time now since its been introduced.

This particularity happens in open world/raids bosses or any kind of meta events. I’m using ICM+action camera so when the fight triggers the cross-hair automatically moves up really high and after the boss fight it zooms in to almost to the ground level. I need to manually re-adjust the FOV every time with arrow keys which is very inaccurate to the exact point i need the cross-hair to be. When rearing the FOV/camera auto zooms out during boss fight/events, it’s impossible to fire ground targeting skills directly underneath or near the character.


TL;DR: Please devs make adjustment to the cross-hair that its location on the screen is fixed, no matter how further you zoom out/in, just like the commander tag, it always sits directly above the character height.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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