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[EU][Raids] Evocative[eC] looking for experienced raiders!


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Hey Everyone,

Evocative [eC] consists of a small group of very experienced raiders on the EU servers. We’re looking to recruit some more players to both increase our roster size, and to get more people in who are free and eager to raid multiple times a week.

To that end, we are looking to recruit very experienced raid players who not only know their class very well, but who have a positive attitude and are capable of having fun, as well as being able to accept constructive suggestions or criticism.

We are not a teaching guild, so before applying please make sure you know each raid encounter very well and know how to take responsibility for your own gear and any utility/trait/food changes between encounters.

Currently our set raid times are: Monday Raid Night: 18:30 UK time, Wednesday Raid Night: 18:00 UK time, And additional tryhard raid, or alt clear on the weekend.


• We expect applicants to be able to play at least two roles at a high level in raid encounters(DPS players need a power and a condi class).

• We require full ascended gear and best in slot food to be used at all times. As a result we will require you provide an API key to one of our leaders.

• TeamSpeak3 is mandatory and you will need to have a mic and be willing to communicate with the rest of the group.

• We want you to want to play with us, to grow with us, and to have an interest in always bettering our kill times and personal skill level. We are NOT a Monday kill clear group that you can use to shard cap then not play with us again until the following Monday.

• You don’t have to represent us all the time if you don’t want to, only when we raid together will it be required. We do, however, want you to treat us as your main raiding guild.

• Doing golem practice from time to time to don't get out of shape, and for general rotation practice.What you can expect from us:

• A group of players who are always aiming to get better and push our kill times.

• Players who are open to receive and give constructive feedback

• Players who love doing low man raid runs and schedule them as often as possible, something we hope you will also be interested in.

• Small, social and friendly community.

There will be a trial before you can join us. This is to determine whether you have the experience and ability that we’re looking for, but also to find people who we think we can get along and have fun with. Firstly, we’ll need you to do the standard DPS golem tests and go through a quick gearcheck, after which you’ll raid with us to see how you play for real during the encounters, then we’ll take it from there. We highly encourage running ArcDPS and if possible, set up shadowplay/ obs for PoV recordings.

Please contact TheOnly.8937 or Lizard.4320 through mail or whisper in game if you have any questions about joining us, the trial, or anything else.


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