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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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I'd like a full sized Canach. Who wouldn't want a full sized Canach? Make it so!   Seriously, companions would be great; I don't use the mini people, because they don't make sense! 

I am waiting for: Infinite Volatile Magic Gathering Tools pleeaaase with a cherry on top (or two) :)

I feel you i am waiting for them myself. so gonna gently bump this one in my own interesst. :D


Some Razah themed outfit! They're just all so good I can't decide which one.

Or pretty much any of the chronomancer skins from this concept art:


Though I feel like that's partially the vibe the Timekeeper's outfit was going for.

A plain hood like the Reaper's hood for all armor weights would be nice too.

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I am not familiar with your game engine, but I am a newer player, and I think it would be really dope to add personal housing to the game. With harvesting nodes, crafting tables, a damage dummy for us theory crafters... I know we have guild halls and that is fantastic, but personal housing would 1. Make you more income 2. Be awesome 3. Add personalization into the gameplay, opening up avenues for crafting , theorycrafting, friends, roleplay, when your in loner mode, and a never ending customization platform for us to swipe credit cards on. Just saying, it would be super dope, although this game is already perfect... I'd love to see you guys make enough money to recode this on unreal engine 4 or better, and have it be an incredible profitable endeavor. Don't need a GW3, you have the perfect game.

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