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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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Around half a year ago, there was a Item called "Vermillion Wings Backpack" available in the Black Lion Chest. I spent alot of money trying to get it but luck wasn't on my side (I have the disposable

Summer's coming once again - Southsun, Festival of the Four Winds - We know swim-suit models are in game. Please give us swimsuit outfits to buy on the gem-store! To function like the Wedding Outfit,

New hairstyles and face designs to choose from, and not racial hair swaps because it's severely lacking and racial hair swap is lazy.  

I'd happily buy a Pocket Portal Device -- it was nice getting all the Season 4 portal scrolls into one inventory slot, but there's also all the Season three set and the boss portal device and the HoT portal device and the special places like Ember Bay and Royal Terrace. I'd love something that takes up only 1 inventory slot that I can open and have all of them in there. It would be cool if it looked like a wardrobe page with blank spots for all the unacquired scrolls and if when there is a new portal scroll released in the game, it automatically got a slot.

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I'm just gonna leave this here.

Outfit suggestion:A tuxedo for females? I know I could just make a male character but I feel like it would be an interesting take to see what a tuxedo would look like on a female character. I feel like it would look especially good on Slyvari. I really enjoy playing female characters and the only form of tuxedos we get are for male characters. I'm not too interested in making male characters just to purchase a tuxedo and then never really play him again. I have a bad habit of abandoning characters that I level since I'm so strictly on my mesmer all the time. So, I'm really hoping my idea can even be taken into a little consideration? I feel like it would really spice up female characters, I feel like a lot of the outfits are intended for male characters 'cept for a few.. (then again I'm incredibly picky when it comes to wanting the perfect fit for my mes.) I'd love to walk around looking twice as fabulous then I did previously <3!

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Returning Items: I'd love the full set of glider skins from years back making a re-appearance. I'm personally after the Branded Relic Glider as a buyable item (as opposed to earning the box through BLCs) but just knowing the full set were to be released would give more a lot more customisation choice.

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● Mercenary Slots for private instances.Once we buy a slot, it will be added in character select screen, above normal characters.Then, each character can pre define on character select screen which other character will automatically be selected when entering private instances, such as story, or story mode dungeons.

When you select a character, the merc slot will be blank.Click on merc slot and will ask to select which character you want to be your partner.Click on character once and then the select button.Once selected, it will be assigned, unless you click remove.

You will have to select a partner for every single character.

More slots could be bought in GS, and we could have up to 3 mercs accompany us on private instances.

Mercs will obviously be our other characters as is, gear and everything else, but AI controlled.

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