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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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I suggested this in the old forums: Memory of Lion's Arch Pass: Takes you back to Lion's Arch before Scarlet destroyed it. Since it has the Forge, all crafting stations, etc. it would be a perfect pas

Around half a year ago, there was a Item called "Vermillion Wings Backpack" available in the Black Lion Chest. I spent alot of money trying to get it but luck wasn't on my side (I have the disposable

The Character Slot Expansion Sale is a White Buffalo; a nearly mythical thing which only some have claimed to have seen, and fewer have actually come in contact with.   Unlike the White Buff

One suggestion I have would be to create a fern hound/wolf jackal skin for mounts and possibly more sylvan or melandru styled armor/weapons. For instance maybe a helmet/mask of Melandru's avatar (the bird one). More charr armors and norn stuff wouldn't go amiss either since this is their time to shine in the living world :P.

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@Exillian.8127 said:New items suggestions i hope you read this annet pls.

  1. I would have absolutely no problems paying for a Prismatic themed skyscale skin, like Elder dragon Aurene.1.2 More skyscale skins that gives it a different and distinct look and not just a pattern.
  2. Dragons Watch Heavy and light armor theme. The one right now looks great but seems to fit only med armor.

Old/exiting items

Discounts on

  1. Bank slots
  2. Shared slots
  3. Bag slots
  4. Material increase slots pls!

Just to hopefully remind devs. Fingers crossed. Them discounts.

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  • Dyeable Feathered wings backpack and glider combo, with jump animation that is similar to the one the flying mounts have (the wings unfolds slightly as to help u keep the balance).

  • Skyscale skin that is inspired by Saphira, the Dragon in Eragon, that has feathered wings.

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Backpack/Glider Combo:Premium: Exo-suite Wings or Vivid Holograph Dragon Wings (could used both the full wing and Shattered options in the future)1.) They are bigger than the ones you get from the event2.) The Backpack and Glider are dyable. Use multiple die patterns, we could make them all the same if we would like.3.) The backpack flaps just like the current ones.4.) Glider flaps like normal flapping wings (like the skeleton wings with a train effect)

Armor:Finish the Prye set. Shoulders and Feet at least.

Outfit:Primeval Outfit1.) This would encourage people to get all the mounts to match. $$$2.) No armor pieces. Just make them smooth if you have to. The Primeval effect should hide things, just need to make it strong in those locations.

Premium Skyscale:1.) Dragonfly (Has arms to climb, would be both beautiful and unique)2.) Pterodactyl (Goes well with my Raptor)3.) Gargoyle/Bat (Halloween Themed)

None Premium Mounts:1.) Primeval2.) Exalted3.) Exo-Suit4.) Starlight

Quality of Life:1.) Expand expanded storage to match the biggest bag. I have an OCD problem when only the one area can not match.2.) Infusion Update: You can Bind on Account an infusion to make it part of you Wardrobe (Infusion is now part of the wardrobe). If you have multiple infusions you chose which is displayed, you can disable the effect. Infusions that are account bound no longer have a glow by default. You can not control the look of ones not account abound that you can continue to sell. This would allow you to add gemstore only infusions. :-)3.) New Hair Cuts and Styles4.) Changing Cut/Style shows your current infusion.5.) Reusable Revive Orb (To be honest I have 90 of these and think I have only used 1 in a year, I would still buy it with a one hour cool down)6.) Wardrobe Slots (We have armor slots, I want to be able to change my wardrobe quickly, this includes dye colors.) I would like to look like I am in town while in town, have armor when I fight, etc.) It would be great if it remembered the mount selected and colors as well for the wardrobe slot.7.) Path of Fire Portal Device. I would like to be able to port to PoF events like I can the others for something different when I am bored.8.) Master Tome: Put all your portal devices and tomes in it. That way you have one thing to click on then choose the option.

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Mount adoption licenses by type would be nice. Something like buy tickets that can have a chance to get any skin for raptor skin etc. I have a good selection of mount skins up to roller beetle. I’d definitely sink some money into the game to get some warclaw and skyscale skins. But I don’t want to pay for anything specific, a couple of random skins per mount is what I’d like.

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