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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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If it's on sale next time, I'll probably buy it immediately

I'd like a full sized Canach. Who wouldn't want a full sized Canach? Make it so!   Seriously, companions would be great; I don't use the mini people, because they don't make sense! 

I am waiting for: Infinite Volatile Magic Gathering Tools pleeaaase with a cherry on top (or two) :)

@Gizmo.8623 said:Hello!

I would love some sales for increase free space - storage expansions, bank expansions, bag slots. It's all so pricy and with sooooo maaaaaany different loot i have everything full - 4 characters have trouble having 1-2 free inventory slots, bank and material storage are full and i have even one character acting as bank. I even created guild to have guild bank which also is full... T___Tspending ~120 gold for one new bag on one character will give me few hours at best and it will be full again...

@Tyler Bearce.3427

Looking at wiki for when it was last time there where a sale on storage related items (this year: march). Normally there would have been one sale in July too as far as I can see from different items related to storage.

On my wish list there is bag slot expansion, bank tab, shared inventory and material storage (storage expander) on sale a little more often then it have been until now.

Thank you

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Seeing the ArenaNet's devs check this thread, I would love to see Legion Jetpack return. I don't think it has ever returned since the original introduction, and it is definitely something my female Space Marine-inspired character is missing. The Decorative Molten Jetpack is too bulky, and Citadel Assault Backpack is too large/heavy for a female character, even in a heavy armor. Legion Jetpack is exactly what I need. If only the backpack was dyable to make it fit with the dyed glider's theme... :)

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Please bring back Dreamcleaver Logging Axe (hopefully at a discount)

Also would be nice to have other Dreamthistle-inspired gathering tools to complete the set.

And Dreamthistle mounts or just more Sylvari-themed plant mounts (Mordrem Wolf is alright, I guess, but I'd rather not use Mordy-themed skins)

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I wold like to see a version of pick, axe and sickle with a glyph attached to it. Right now, there's the Shifting Sands Mining Pick, (which is awesome!) but I'm waiting around for the other versions. At least if you're only going to put one out at a time, rotate them more frequently.I'd also like to see the higher priority QoL items on sale more often: Copper-fed salvage, bank tabs, bag slots. I really hope to see these in August.

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I would really like to see the Gecko Springer get more skin types. I love the lizard theme and there's a lot you could do with it. Like maybe a gecko skin with less bulky accessories, different skin patterns, horns, spikes, feathers, crests, ones with back-sails and tail-sails, chin webbing, eyes that are dyeable etc...

Lizard Tax:


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