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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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If it's on sale next time, I'll probably buy it immediately

I'd like a full sized Canach. Who wouldn't want a full sized Canach? Make it so!   Seriously, companions would be great; I don't use the mini people, because they don't make sense! 

I am waiting for: Infinite Volatile Magic Gathering Tools pleeaaase with a cherry on top (or two) :)

Was thinking maybe some more stone themed fashion/armors would be neat. ATM we only really have the ley stone armor from Dragon Stand that really fits the stone stone category. Otherwise we've seen plenty of pushes toward crystals in outfits.

One idea I had regarding this as a theme was the backpieces from Draconis Mons, those Henge/Druid Stone things. Could have a with or without lively leafs to the design.

Another idea to this theme is like the Elementals such as the Earth elementals, but being worn. Like the kind of thing you'd expect if some person got stuck in a cave full of them, fighting for 20 days and 20 nights without much from the start. Just like stringing together across themself for protection even if it's half active.

Idea three was straight up knightly armor but with stone texture/gloss/shape.

Also would like for a mace skin that's just a huge rock or a dragon tooth.

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More water themed things like :

  • Pants that becomes a Mermaid-like tail when entering water. It will also change u'r swimanimation to a krait-like one.While on land it has scales and small fins on the thighs, it would also adds a fin on charr tails similar to the shimmerwing's.
  • Dorsal fin backpack.
  • Gloves with fins on the forearms.
  • Helmet with fins (that hides charr horns ears and hair and adds fins and gills on the neck)
  • Trident skin for staff.
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