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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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If it's on sale next time, I'll probably buy it immediately

I'd like a full sized Canach. Who wouldn't want a full sized Canach? Make it so!   Seriously, companions would be great; I don't use the mini people, because they don't make sense! 

I am waiting for: Infinite Volatile Magic Gathering Tools pleeaaase with a cherry on top (or two) :)

Dear Anet, please release a Dhumm outfit on the gem store. I know there are some armour pieces via raid but; a) this is incomplete armour set, and b) this is only available via raid which is inaccessible by a large portion of the community.I would gladly pay if this was released on the gem store.Thanks

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@"Erulisse.7248" said:So, I have searched the whole section [News] Gemstore items: new/returned/sales and it appears not once since November 2017 has Strider's medium Armour been for sale in the Gem Store!What is happening?Surely it's time to bring it back!Please! Pretty please :)https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Strider's_Medium_Armor_Skin

can you request Infinite Unbound Magic Gathering Tools? your request was granted right away

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@forevergamer.7653 said:

@forevergamer.7653 said:Can we get
shared slot, identity repair, total makeup kit, rename

Character slot again, I wanna buy 2 more please.

And this outfit please https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Daydreamer%27s_Finery_Outfit.

PS: Why you guys simply dont readjust the price for character slot to 700gem that would be a fair price? seriously 800g is expensive.

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Please bring back Super Explosive Finisher into the Black Lion Store this festival, we literally cannot have a Super Adventure Festival without it at this point. I want to throw money at the screen to finish off my SAB themed holosmith but I'm missing that finisher. Pretty please?

/runs to cry in a corner of Rata Sum

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@hugo.4705 said:

@"Khaeon.1623" said:please make zojja armor an outfit. Thank you

Nyeh? Zojia wears the already available in game armor, Cultural Tier 3, "Savant Armor"

Zojja can be seen wearing a slight variant to this set which lacks the shoulder straps. Kudu wears an alternate version of this set with mirrored gloves.(Wiki on Trivia.)What I want though, is a Snaff armor, with both holo-thing a ma jigs on the sides.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/SnaffAlso, it's interesting how he kept both armor pieces as a ghost!

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Please add new instruments, my request and ideas:

  • Get rid of the weird drum timing
  • New electric guitar instrument with differents tones and distorsion effects
  • Violin or cello
  • Piano
  • Made the flute be in C major

There are a lot of musicians on Tyria who wants more work on this area.

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@"LoGiK.5327" said:does this thread actually work?

they do read it and they do have someone go over all our suggestions/requests but not everything of course will get considered

see: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/1287401/#Comment_1287401

@Tyler Bearce.3427 said:Hi everyone, I'm one of the curators of the gemstore and I just wanted to pop in and let you guys know that we do actually read through these posts periodically.

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Please put back the Cat-Ear Hood thanks... And how many years should it be to put the Zafirah's Rifle skin back... its almost 2 years since it was back at the gemstore... the outfit was there for several months now but the rifle still out.. and if possible design a great rifle like sniper looking types not the futuristic ones.. and its nice if there is an options for a legendary weapons to choose some elemental effects.. like for example The predator it has fiery effect if the user don't want fire they may change it to lightning effect or ice. Or maybe a dye option only for legendary weapons.

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