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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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Around half a year ago, there was a Item called "Vermillion Wings Backpack" available in the Black Lion Chest. I spent alot of money trying to get it but luck wasn't on my side (I have the disposable

Summer's coming once again - Southsun, Festival of the Four Winds - We know swim-suit models are in game. Please give us swimsuit outfits to buy on the gem-store! To function like the Wedding Outfit,

New hairstyles and face designs to choose from, and not racial hair swaps because it's severely lacking and racial hair swap is lazy.  

I would love to see Enchanted Dragon Crown Package  on gem store which i will buy ofcourse and a lot of people want it too . be well stay safe all and thank you staff for doing this awesome things for us to enjoy and forget whatever sad is happening  ❤️

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Please consider a winged ancient Egyptian Criosphinx (statue like) skin for Skyscale mount. They can come in different horn shapes too.
So far, Skyscale skins are mostly just different looking skyscales, with little change to its specie.
Can we get more skins that change its specie entirely? Example: Hummingbird/ Turtle skins for Skimmer.
Maybe even a winged Llama or Alpaca?

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