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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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I suggested this in the old forums: Memory of Lion's Arch Pass: Takes you back to Lion's Arch before Scarlet destroyed it. Since it has the Forge, all crafting stations, etc. it would be a perfect pas

Around half a year ago, there was a Item called "Vermillion Wings Backpack" available in the Black Lion Chest. I spent alot of money trying to get it but luck wasn't on my side (I have the disposable

New hairstyles and face designs to choose from, and not racial hair swaps because it's severely lacking and racial hair swap is lazy.  

Request Arcane battle staff


request : new backpack 

theme : weapon backpack like mercenaries but make it look simplify and look smart. ( mercenaries backpack look like someone hurried wrap everything without arrangements before traveling)


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Well . I want to sell more idea in case ANET interest for gem store


1. Skyscale skin

theme : 2 or 3 head dragon. This concept come from hydra staff and grand lion griffon.


2. New warn horn skin

theme: use sonar equipment such as ball  , etc instead. 
it is for player who don’t like to hold horn

3. New focus skin,

theme : use arm guard or arm shield in stead. 
it is for player who don’t like to hold focus


4. Dagger skin

theme : dagger or sword cross dress. It show and hold in hand like sw skin


5. Sw skin

theme:  use concepts of spring knife. If you see laser plastic sw toy . It is like that but please design skin to look cool. 

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On 9/2/2021 at 9:51 PM, RockTheMoose.4126 said:

The Character Slot Expansion Sale is a White Buffalo; a nearly mythical thing which only some have claimed to have seen, and fewer have actually come in contact with.


Unlike the White Buffalo, The Character Slot Expansion Sale offers deep practical value to those who are able to encounter the myth.  Those who own it (ArenaNet) will hide it away without remorse, hoping to keep it out of the hands of anyone who wishes to reap is many benefits.


Its keepers could benefit tremendously by sharing it with those who seek it.  Instead, they keep it locked away as if sacred, or perhaps cursed.  What a plethora of content could be sold to outfit the characters borne of such a ceremony.  Please, O Keepers of the Sale:  Open the floodgates of free exchange and Tyrian exploration.


Those gates will bear the names of all of the New Heroes who would flourish within the lands, and we will always reminisce of the time that Dwayna shone her light on us all.


I thank you.



10 days later and I am still thinking how I can say this better ūü§£

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Another Book of idle animations, just not dancing this time.  I would like my Human female to have a more interesting, less board, standing idle animations.   "Standing" around and talking is definitely part of the social aspect of the game.  I want my character to look good while doing so.   An idle book may be the best way to implement this, it would also happen to benefit other races, as a book.  Lessons in idleness?

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