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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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I suggested this in the old forums: Memory of Lion's Arch Pass: Takes you back to Lion's Arch before Scarlet destroyed it. Since it has the Forge, all crafting stations, etc. it would be a perfect pas

Around half a year ago, there was a Item called "Vermillion Wings Backpack" available in the Black Lion Chest. I spent alot of money trying to get it but luck wasn't on my side (I have the disposable

The Character Slot Expansion Sale is a White Buffalo; a nearly mythical thing which only some have claimed to have seen, and fewer have actually come in contact with.   Unlike the White Buff

For last few years we always had character slot sale during March, August and November sales....why not this year? Last time was March. We had bank, bag 3 months ago....I think many ppl would be more happy for character slots than this again.

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Ideas for gem store items and hair style kit

1. bamboo weave hat (Comment: This is referring to something very much like the hex outfit)

2.bamboo weave hat like #1 however with some type of animal ears poking through (Example: Bunny ears)

3.Bunny/animal ear hair band style. (Comment: Unlikely since helmet skin already exists, but 6 ears are better than 2 and allows me to have sunglasses with bunny ears.)

4.Profane like armour set for heavy and medium. (Comment: Me like skimpy :^3)

5.Redo of the Foefire leggings as on female character for light and heavy weight makes your kitten grow to be twice as large. (Comment: Shadow patch when)

6. Questionable positioned chair/table skin (Comment: like a table with a fixed height were for a human its just right but for a asura is too tall and for a norn/charr way too short and make the charr tail ignores clipping horrifically "maniacal laughter")



Finale Comment: For the human who gets to the end of this nightmare of a post with the worst grammar, I wish you a fantastic tomorrow! 

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Edit: I tried to edit some grammar mistakes ;-;
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Please bring back the synergetics roller beetle and...

If the skyscale skin being advertised is what is being offered up for synergetics, please remake it. The synergetics skins so far have not been animal forms and that's what makes them awesome and different for those of us that love the future-tech skins. I'm sure someone could have come up with a suitable helicopter/osprey style machine that would have a flamethrower for dismount. 

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Thanks for Putting Shared Inventory Slots on sale 🙂

I also bought 2 Home Instance Deliveries (S3, S4). The other two (Industry + Hunter) would pay off in 4-5 years... Dont know if I will play this game till then. Since they are only for you and not your friends i didn't buy all.


3 Items i wish would be awesome to see soon on Sale soon:


Home Instance Node Pack

Consortium Harvesting Sickle

Copperfed Salvage-O-Matic


Take my gems 😄 

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I know we don't even have the turtle yet but, it seems most likely to give us a spider mount🕷. I'm thinking an Echovald Diving Bell Spider. Still able to go underwater and we would ride at the appropriate height to be reskinned on the turtle 🐢. I know something like this would take time, hence the early mention.

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If possible - would the team consider bringing back the Living World Seasons 2 and 3 for a sale for those new and returning players to the game? This would be an awesome addition for many to expand their gathering, community, and equipment. I know that many within my guilds would be VERY interested in something like this! 

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 Tou seemed to be doing like some " flash sales the past few days? they were timed? well was thrilled to see the bank& bag tab expanders on sale bough t a bunch! but the bank storage expander wasn't there could I request you put it on sale soonish? looking to condense my stuff a bit more, for the events as they happen? and other resources. Also, could you do that" Voucher" thing on a regular basis?  I didn't see the timer and missed getting a chair etc 🙂 And I loved it and i bet many others did who caught it when it was on for your " Flash sale". Ty verymuch guys!  I've been gone for several months and happy to be back and getting my items up to date! you know storage and fashion etc?  🙂

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Since EoD is an expansion revolving more exposure for Asian like culture. I suggest that the game introduce asian type weapon skins to match similar weapons. The difference won't be vast. For example, a tonfa can be used as a mace or a short sword. It's a pleasant effect since the animation when using a tonfa is linear to the abilities used for short sword combat. 

Tonfa is a nice touch to the asian culture, it is a weapon used in traditional fights back in the dynasty era.

Here is a picture of a tonfa, go wild with your imagination!


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