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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again - [Merged]

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please add a mechanical ground robot like the dog whistle, something steampunk that you feel clicking with its gears and that does crazy things. It would be cool if you could craft upgrades for it just like you teach tricks to the dog or the baby skyscale.


or maybe a clockwork genius novelty bag with many small mechanical toys. Things that click, jump, move, walk, roll, change, rotate, ring, with springs, gears, pistons etc. like wind up mechanisms you lay on the ground and that take life or with (a little) electronics and steam engines maybe.

pls don't do the usual magico-mechanical robots there. Something more old school and technological but that looks well made still. Closer to charrs tech or scarlet than asura golems and jade mechs so to say. Also then not pet like things but items that perform a defined movement pattern upon activation.


Then please make them quite small if possible, like some cool gadgets, not a hulky mech (that we already have 😉 )


if it's tough work (i guess it can be) double the price i'll buy it 😉

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Could you add the super rare infusions (Khan Ur, confetti, chak, etc) to Black Lion Chests as rare or super rare possible rewards? I think it would be beneficial to arenanet cuz people would buy more gems to get keys to try to get the rare infusions. I think it would be a much better business move than adding them to 4 winds festival loot boxes.

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The /serve emote is great, it was a pretty exciting addition to the gem store. Would really like to see more persistent emotes hit the gem store in the future.


I'd love to see more multi-person chairs in the spirit of the teatime chair! It would be SO nice to have a novelty version of the already-existing Sweet Campfire Treat (or something similar to a communal boost bonfire that doesn't vanish so quickly), or a picnic chair- a few different skiff skins already have multiple seating arrangements, so this feels like something that could be doable.


Having multiple sitting poses available too would be great- love the night watch stool, wish I had the option to sit a bit less whimsically on it as a female sylvari, haha.

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WANTED: Ebonhawke Crossbow, skinned or alive

LAST SEEN: in company of one BLACK LION between May 24 and June 7

REWARD: 600 (word: like two bounties of) GEMS

NOTES: target's probably ARMED, sometimes LOCKED, certainly LOADED; CAUTION ill-ADVISED



As for something new building up on my previous suggestion of non-gimmicky hoods for all armor weights, an actual solid (hair-hooded) cloak would be magnificent. 

Wouldn't mind if it hid all three relevant slots (head/shoulders/back) - both because of elegance and avoiding the inevitable spam of "everything clips through my all-covering cloak!" bug reports even if it were named literally "Assassin's Ring Finger" - but would choose voting for letting the players decide for those unassuming, spectacular combos, maybe even to the point of making the cloak as both a shoulder piece item and a back piece item, as to allow people to pick the second slot as an accessory (although I can really think only of the Tempest Loop off the top of my head in the shoulder spot - might be the anesthesia still ringing in my ears - but it could also be a starting ground for new floaty pieces! which sounds a bit too contrived, but, well, a bonus meme there).

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